Attention: Will Work For Tasty Apple Jacks Cereal

First, why don't I dispatch some bad news. Although Apple Jacks is a fine brand of cereal, I don't really consider it to be the best form of compensation. Perhaps Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, but I am not sure about that. The point that I want to stress right off the bat is that I try not to take myself too seriously.

The good news, which is what brings you here, is that I have decided to head back into the job market and see what the Bay Area has to offer. I am a web developer with nearly a decade of experience in both design and database development.

I've worked a total of 4 years for huge text-book publishing entities, Harcourt Schools and Thomson Learning. I spent 3 years working in Silicon Valley where my skills were put to the test working along side some of the most talented developers in the country and probably the world. Finally the last 3 years I have worked for myself and with partners in various micro start-ups from electronic sports trading cards to donations databases. This last year I have spent focused on improving my design and programming skills while working independantly under the business name Yeadon Group based out of Central Florida.

Yeadon Boys Wallpaper

While running my own business has allowed me certain freedoms, I feel it is time to stretch my wings a little bit, reconnect with the team environment and let my skills benefit your company's vision.