Product Overview

EasyDonor™ donor database and fundraising application is a web-based solution built by fundraisers for fundraisers. From the perspective of the fundraiser, our developers are committed to solving the problems faced by the non-profit professionals using other software applications.

User-Friendly Interface - We have reduced the clutter and little-used features found in many other applications. EasyDonor™ provides easy-to-follow directions and guides.

Powerful Functionality - EasyDonor™ has included the essentials as well as some very powerful relationship-building tools. Our reporting tools provide flexibility and easy-to-read results. The database is built on the highly-scalable and powerful Microsoft SQL format.

Adaptive Flexibility - EasyDonor™ will not require its users to purchase expensive updates of its software. By offering add-on modules, EasyDonor™ will allow companies to choose which add-ons are right for them, saving money.

Uncompromising Security - EasyDonor™ uses the latest in online security technology, providing 128-bit SSL security for all online database transactions.

Committed Support - EasyDonor™ has professionals trained in handling tough data conversion tasks. We provide flexible options for on-site and in-classroom training.


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