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The Official Release of EasyDonor™ is coming soon.
Before our official release, your company may qualify to be a Beta Tester!

Beta Testers get to work with our developers to contribute to the functionality of EasyDonor™. They also get setup fees waived as well as become eligible for future discounts on Add-On Modules as they become available.
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Welcome to the web site of EasyDonor™, a powerful, user-friendly solution to fundraising. Developed with the feedback of many professional fundraisers, this application is built to address their most common complaints. We are a company catering to the small to medium sized non-profit, understanding that you did not get into fundraising with the intention of learning overly complicated software. You work to make a difference in the world.

EasyDonor™ was created to simplify your job and let you focus on what inspires you:

  • Raise more money & reduce expenses.
  • Accurately track donations and estimate costs.
  • Spend more time interacting with your constituents and store more relationship-building information.
  • Simplify your job!