Bivio NetworksDeep Packet Inspection without compromise

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Solutions Overview

The most innovative and fastest growing network applications in the areas of security, traffic management, lawful intercept, VoIP (voice over IP), multimedia, and wireless are increasingly being implemented as software applications executing deep-packet inspection and processing in Linux-based environments.

Network Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Software Developers, Managed Service Providers, and Commercial and Government End Users are now deploying such solutions on high performance network appliance platforms which provide seamless integration of deep-packet inspection applications on Bivio’s high performance network appliance.

By leveraging Bivio’s new class of network appliances, our customers benefit from easy, standards-based Linux application integration, multi-gigabit performance, high availability and scalability, and unmatched application flexibility.

Ideal Applications for Bivio’s Network Appliances:

Traffic Management
Lawful Intercept
…..any application requiring deeper packet inspection AND high throughput performance!

Bivio’s Network Appliance Platform Overview:

The Bivio 2000 Multi-Gigabit Network Appliance sets the performance standard among network appliances optimized for the requirements emerging network applications, requiring a combination of deep packet inspection and multi-gigabit throughput. The fundamental system philosophy of the Bivio 2000 is to operate as an ideal “intelligent wire”, offering a seamless cut-through path to network traffic.

As traffic flows through the Bivio 2000, it traverses the following building blocks:

  • Network Interface Module (NIM)
  • Network Processing Card (NPC)
  • Switched Stack System
  • Interconnect (SSI)
  • Application Processing Card (APC)


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