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Bivio 500 Network Appliance

Just like the flagship Bivio 2000, the Bivio 500 is a programmable network appliance featuring a groundbreaking architecture specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services that increasingly demand deep packet processing combined with high network throughput. In the Bivio 500, Bivio’s architecture has been optimized to deliver superior price-performance in application-oriented networking (AON). In a nutshell, the Bivio 500 represents a cost-reduced version of the Bivio 2000 that does not support the full spectrum of scalability features. However, it allows developers to benefit from the superior performance of Bivio’s system architecture for applications that demand lower cost points.

The split architecture of the Bivio 500 guarantees deterministic QoS behavior and low, predictable system latency (see performance comparison charts). Thus, the Bivio 500 represents an optimal architectural choice for Linux network application developers looking for a next generation appliance capable of delivering on multi-service capabilities.

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