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Bivio 2000 Network Appliance

The Bivio 2000 is a programmable network appliance featuring a groundbreaking architecture specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services that increasingly demand deep packet processing combined with high network throughput. Based on open industry standards, Bivio Networks fuses unmatched flexibility with uncompromising performance to enable its customers to overcome existing bottlenecks and deliver the foundation of the next generation network infrastructure.

Bivio 2000 Network Appliance

Scalability Flexibility Performance

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Bivio 2000 Models

The Bivio 2000 family includes 2 basic system configurations:

Bivio 2000: The Bivio 2000 comes fully configured with an NPC and an APC.

Bivio 2000e: The Bivio 2000e comes with a single NPC and an empty slot. The parallel PowerPC subsystems included on the NPC provide sufficient application performance for many Packet Handling applications. The Bivio 2000e can be easily upgraded to a full Bivio 2000 by populating the empty slot with an APC.

In addition, the Bivio 2000 and 2000e can be configured with the memory, hardware acceleration and redundancy options that partners require.


True Wire-Speed, Multi-Gigabit Performance: The unique capabilities of the Bivio 2000 system architecture ensures all deep packet handling services on all interfaces are processed and forwarded at line rate, achieving optimal performance across the spectrum of packet sizes.

Scalable Application Processing: The Bivio 2000 provides unmatched application processing power in a compact 2U form factor, and unlimited processing performance through stacking technology.

Service Agility: Any Linux-based networking application can be quickly ported to take full advantage of the Bivio 2000 system performance by using the BivioAPI, thus achieving instant performance differentiation. Due to its fully programmable packet forwarding and application processing subsystems, the Bivio 2000’s application flexibility is unmatched.

High Availabilty: The Bivio 2000 supports active/active or active/standby system configurations that eliminate any single points of failure to deliver non-stop services, resulting in the ability to support even the most business critical applications.
Advanced Traffic Management: The Bivio 2000 enables hierarchical traffic and user class prioritization and bandwidth shaping on a per flow, per customer and per traffic type basis. All QoS features are completely programmable and implemented via sophisticated nested, standard queuing algorithms.


The Bivio 2000 can support a wide range of mission critical network infrastructure applications including:

  • Security
  • Traffic management
  • Compression
  • Acceleration (SSL, TCP, XML)
  • Layer 4-7 server load balancing
  • Performance monitoring and correlation
  • IPv6
  • Routing
  • Voice over IP infrastructure
  • Wireless infrastructure

By using the Bivio platform as a hardware foundation for their products, Bivio’s partners significantly accelerate their time to market with next generation multi-Gigabit IP services.