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April 22, 2002 – Bivio Networks Breaks Price Barrier with Multi-Gigabit Speed, Carrier Class, Appliance Integrating Check Point™ VPN-1®/Firewall-1®

The Bivio 1000-CP™ Redefines Industry’s Price/Performance with Multi-Gigabit Throughput at All Packet Sizes

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PLEASANTON, CALIF. – April 22, 2002 – Bivio Networks responds to the industry’s need for lower cost security appliance solutions by announcing the Bivio 1000-CP – a multi-gigabit throughput, carrier class, security appliance with VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation™ (NG) software from Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP).

"We are excited about our partnership with Check Point Software and participation in the ‘Secured by Check Point’ appliance program. The Bivio 1000 is highly optimized to run Check Point’s leading VPN-1/FireWall-1 software," said Junaid Islam, Bivio’s CEO. "Bivio’s strategy is to enable leading software vendors to deliver value at new price/performance benchmarks. Our support of VPN-1/FireWall-1 extends our strategy to the security market, offering a best-of-breed security appliance."

"We are pleased to partner with Bivio Networks to integrate VPN-1/FireWall-1 on the Bivio 1000-CP platform," said Asheem Chandna, vice president of business development and product management for Check Point Software. "The Bivio 1000-CP integrating VPN-1/FireWall-1 delivers a high performance carrier-class solution at an attractive price point."

"Enterprise, Service Provider and System Integrator customers are very impressed with the value offered by the Bivio 1000-CP running Check Point software applications. Multi-gigabit throughput at all packet sizes, carrier class and security no longer imply a $100,000 plus price tag," said Tom Gleason, vice president of sales for Bivio Networks. "With deployment of the Bivio 1000-CP solution, capital and operational expenditures are dramatically reduced while maintaining best-of-breed performance," Gleason added.

Network operators are looking for security appliance products that reduce complexity, improve performance and allow profitable operations. Bivio Networks is the first company to break the price barrier for a carrier class, multi-gigabit throughput device. Offering Check Point’s best-of-breed functionality on the Bivio 1000-CP creates a simple way to deploy and manage network security services based on Check Point’s leading software solution.

Bivio 1000-CP Benefits and Features
The Bivio 1000-CP is initially comprised of the preloaded FireWall-1 NG software and system hardware that includes the multi-gigabit eXpressLANE™ Processor module, the Application Processor module, power supply and modular network interfaces. Multi-gigabit performance is enabled by Check Point’s SecureXL Performance Framework. The system is a 2 rack-unit device that minimizes initial capital outlay and comes with Check Point software integrated and ready for immediate implementation. The Bivio 1000-CP delivers a unique combination of price and performance with superior performance for all packet sizes:

  • Carrier Class – Bivio’s unique platform enables high speed, carrier class security solutions with mission-critical application and system redundancy demanded by enterprises and service provider operators today.
  • Low Cost Deployment – Bivio’s unique, cost effective platform enables high speed security solutions to be deployed in parts of a network where it was previously too cost prohibitive to do so.
  • Multi-Gigabit Throughput Performance – A combination of Bivio’s patent pending eXpressLANE, application processing, and Virtual Rack™ technologies along with the Check Point SecureXL performance architecture ensures multi-gigabit throughput for Check Point’s VPN-1 / FireWall-1 software at all packet sizes.
  • Scalable Application Processing – The Bivio Networks architecture allows customers to scale application processing in cost effective increments tuning security solutions for specific customers. Bivio’s Virtual Rack technology offers increased application processing power as security service demand grows.

Patent pending eXpressLANE technology accelerates packet processing and ensures that packet handling rules applied on all interfaces are processed and forwarded at multi-gigabit throughput rate regardless of packet size, achieving performance increases many times that of traditional solutions.

The Bivio 1000-CP system simultaneously achieves the following performance benchmarks:

  • Check Point FireWall-1 – 2 Gigabit per second throughput
  • Check Point VPN-1 – Scalable to 2 Gbps with Virtual Rack technology

The Bivio 1000-CP is initially comprised of preloaded Check Point FireWall-1 software with VPN-1 functionality to follow. The system hardware includes the multi-gigabit eXpressLANE Packet Processor module, the Application Processor module, power supply and modular network interfaces. The system is a 2 rack-unit device that minimizes initial capital outlay and comes preloaded with software, ready for immediate implementation

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