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Bivio Networks Delivers Processing Performance Exceeding True 12-Gigabit Speeds For Complex Network Security Applications

First Appliance Platform Combination Provides Unprecedented Scaling and Performance for IDS/IPS, DDoS Protection, Anti-Spam, VPN/Firewall and UTM

RSA Conference – San Jose, February 13, 2006 – Bivio Networks, the leader in high-speed computing platforms for the Software-Driven Network™, today announced the first appliance combination to reach 12-Gigabit speeds and beyond that is optimized for complex security/network applications such as intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), firewall/VPN, anti-spam, anti-virus, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, content filtering and unified threat management (UTM). Bivio’s unique hardware platform, combined with an enhanced Linux software execution environment, delivers unmatched system scaling and application throughput for these sophisticated next-generation security products that demand higher processing and network speed beyond the capabilities of standard network and computing hardware.

In the rapidly evolving network security market and in contrast to bladed architectures, Bivio’s appliance platform provides the wire-speed performance normally associated with ASIC-driven network hardware and includes the flexibility and lower development costs inherent in a software development environment. This approach allows network security application developers to focus on their core competency rather than hardware development. By delivering an open, Linux-based execution environment enhanced with a comprehensive set of common networking and management functions, Bivio provides powerful time-to-market advantages for its partners. Vendors can leverage Bivio’s innovation and performance to demonstrate leadership in their respective markets.

In the face of surging network speeds, Bivio is seeing an increasing demand for multi-gigabit, deep-packet inspection (DPI) application processing combined with the flexibility of a software execution environment that enables security appliance providers to update and adapt their products to address increasingly complex security threats as they appear.

The modular architecture of the Bivio 2000 allows scaling of a single system in increments of 4 Gbps of capacity through the simple addition of Network Processor Cards and/or Application Processor Cards. The result is a system consisting of one or more chassis that is uniquely matched to the target application, allowing “X-Treme Scaling” to 12 Gbps and beyond.

“As network speed and capacity grow and traffic becomes increasingly complex, network applications that manage and enforce network policy and security must evolve to address these increased requirements,” said Elan Amir, president and CEO of Bivio Networks. “Our appliance platform addresses this growing conflict between the increasingly fast network connection layer and the processing requirements demanded by these emerging network security applications. Security customers who depend on Bivio’s platform can use our superior performance to stand apart from competitors.”

Bivio’s appliance platform is uniquely tailored for the performance requirements of packet handling with the flexibility of an open Linux-based execution environment enhanced with a comprehensive set of common networking and management functions. As a result, security vendors can customize their final product to meet market needs and proactively address emerging security threats and business opportunities at software development costs, and flexibility and time to market advantages.

“By combining the superior network and end-point intelligence of the Sourcefire 3D System with Bivio’s superior processing and throughput, we are delivering the industry’s most complete Intrusion Prevention System with the ability to perform in today’s fastest paced environments,” said Wayne Jackson, CEO of Sourcefire. “Today’s announcement illustrates Bivio’s dedication to addressing customer’s emerging performance needs and ensures that Sourcefire’s leading-edge technology continues to deliver the scalability our users require.”

Bivio Networks will be exhibiting its technology at booth #2027 at the RSA Conference in San Jose, California.

About Bivio Networks
Bivio Networks has developed an award-winning, deep-packet inspection and processing platform that combines unparalleled scaling of network performance, processing power, and application agility. Bivio's product is a network appliance featuring a groundbreaking architecture specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services that increasingly demand deep packet processing combined with high network throughput. Based on open industry standards, Bivio Networks fuses unmatched flexibility with uncompromising performance to enable its customers to overcome existing bottlenecks and deliver the foundation of the next generation network infrastructure. Headquartered in Pleasanton, Calif., Bivio Networks is backed by Goldman Sachs, InterWest Partners, Storm Ventures and Venrock Associates. More information is available at

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