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Systems Integrators

As a System Integrator, you face the challenge of finding the ideal off-the-shelf hardware and software packages to meet your customer’s computing needs. Business issues for may include finding general purpose platforms to leverage one or a number of applications, and finding a platform that can apply to vertical markets. You’re looking for an industry-leading standard platform that can support multiple solutions from vendors that provide responsive and effective support and prefer to work with vendors with significant penetration into large customers.

From a technical perspective, are you constantly in search of finding a standardized solution that can help leverage technologies that have been built in the past?

The Bivio platform is open and flexible, providing a unique solution for System Integrators with opportunities for integration and custom development of complete, end-customer solutions. In addition, the Bivio platform offers system integrators:

General Purpose Platform:

  • Bivio platform allows System Integrators with the ability to leverage multiple applications at once

Vertical Market Applicability:

  • The Bivio platform can easily be used to support a number of vertical market solutions

Best-In-Breed Technology Platform:

Customer Base:

  • Bivio has a significant end-user (Federal) customer base which System Integrators can leverage

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