Bivio NetworksDeep Packet Inspection without compromise

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Network Equipment Manufacturers & ISV's

Manufacturers and ISVs have a number of business and technical challenges that require a flexible technology solution. They look for a general purpose platform to leverage one or a number of applications. The demands are high for decreased time to market and increased Time-To-Profit and ROI is critical—an ROI that increases income and decreases expenses and time.

From a technical perspective manufacturers and ISVs need infrastructure equipment that meets SDN needs yet also has the capability of combining network and computing applications at a high speed. They’re also looking for a Linux-based platform that can grow and expand with new product generations and help with future-proof investments.

Bivio Solution Provides Decreased Time to Market, Customer Profit and ROI for Manufacturers, ISVs:

  • Decreased Time to Market, Increased Time to Profit: Complete hardware/OS and management software solution minimizes integration efforts
  • Customer Profit: Opportunity to profit from bringing emerging technologies to market through Bivio platform
  • ROI: Increase in income, decrease expenses, time

Bivio’s General Purpose Platform Saves Money, Provides Flexibility

  • General Purpose Platform: Bivio provides a general purpose platform to maximize performance of one or many applications - leverage a number of applications
  • Cost Savings: OEM investment limited to custom software investment
  • Flexibility: Bivio platform grows and adapts with successive product generations
  • Packet-handling solution: Platform specifically tailored to requirements of packet handling. Any application requiring DPI at wire speeds
  • Linux-Based: Standard Linux-based execution environment

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