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Federal Government

National Security Issues Driving Change

Today, Government agencies are challenged more than ever before with national security issues that drive them to support increasing security threats in our nation. Yet, along with these technology demands, Infrastructure costs remain high and space is limited in government offices, leaving little room for stacking technology equipment and power. With the need for a common communications platform that supports common data to be streamed to multiple agencies, Government agencies are looking for application platforms that are flexible enough to build their own applications yet powerful enough to allow many new applications to coexist on one single platform. Time to market and time to solution is critical and agencies need to run applications that support both GOTS and COTS.

From a technical perspective, 90% of government agencies today run on Linux-based applications. Agencies face an increased demand for deep packet inspection handling applications that run at multi-gigabit speeds with scalable processors. Expectations continue to remain high in the federal sector: government agencies need to rapidly respond to national security threats in an instant.

Bivio solving problems for Federal Agency Current and Future Needs

Bivio’s application platform is uniquely suited for government agencies. Federal organizations can feel confident that the Bivio platform allows for common communications to be accessed across multiple government agency locations, increasing their ability to respond to security threats. In addition, Bivio’s solution addresses a number of common federal issues and requirements necessary for a successful technology deployment:

  • Bivio platform supports GOTS and COTS
  • Security Solution: (need to get a quote from Rumsfeld, article or report supporting security threats right now)
  • Flexibility: Linux-based platform allows flexibility to develop other apps
  • Decreased time-to-market, time-to-solution
  • Bivio platform delivers scalable processing power to support DOD Information analysis.
  • Save Space/Power/Costs: Bivio solution allows for stacking on network and processor side, thereby saving space, power, and cost.
  • Multi-tenant capabilities is seamless for different agencies
  • Bivio platform uniquely suited to handle deep-packet inspection needs in government agencies

Bivio Provides Economies of Scale

The Bivio platform provides increasing economies of scale for Government agencies by helping to deliver as many services as possible across the same hardware platform.

  • Bivio platform can support multiple solutions including MSP developed applications from a vendor that provides responsive, effective support
  • Space/Power Issue: Bivio platform allows for little space for stacking, expanding new equipment
  • Ease of Implementation, Operations
  • The Bivio platform can coexist with many applications including home grown applications (FW/VPN, IDP/IPS, Antivirus, Antispam, Web Filtering, etc…)
  • Bivio platform provides government agencies best-of-breed technology
  • Bivio software and hardware developed, coded and manufactured in Silicon Valley, USA

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